Not only is pregnancy bringing you around 6,590,230 facts every day, that you must decipher. But, to make it just that little bit more exciting, you’re also going to have to wade through all of the wonderful pregnancy myths too. To make your life a little easier, I have done some of the wading for you, and bring you 12 of my favorite pregnancy myths.

1. Stealing Beauty

“If she’s going to have a baby girl, she better watch out, because that thieving cherub is going to rob her of her stunning good looks.”

Knowledgable Facebook “Expert”

The reason this myth came about, is because any beautiful mother, by the end of the first trimester, having been ravaged by morning sickness, hormones and exhaustion, may be struggling a tad with maintaining her appearance. And rightly so, pregnant women are literally working round the clock, to grow a human. Don’t worry, no beauty stealing little critters here. They can inherit your good looks but they’re definitely not going to leave you without them!

2. Ugly Animal Face

Well if you are with child, you better stay clear of nature, because, if you happen to look upon an ugly looking creature, your unborn child is going to adopt it’s unique features. I’m just going to go right ahead here, and say that this is 100% a myth.  Unless, there is a special place where all these little humans go, with ugly animal faces, that we’ve just not yet stumbled upon!

3. Don’t Give Presents!

“If you are receiving gifts for your unborn baby, and, heaven forbid, opening them. You’re in for a world of evil spirits and pregnancy misfortune.”

Nosey Neighbor

This one comes mainly from cultures that believe heavily in magic and superstition. However, it can be linked up with the fact that miscarriage is naturally higher in the first trimester, and therefore, if gifts have been received in that period, and if something was to happen, it’s easier to blame the gifts.

4. Stroking the Belly

“If you are with child, and you, and whoever else wishes to do so, strokes the pregnant belly bump too much, the child will be spoiled.”

Judgy Onlooker

Yes this of course this is a myth, only 3 iPads, unlimited access to cake and pocket money higher than an average adult’s salary, is going to spoil that child. However, interesting fact, after only ten weeks of gestation, the developing baby, can sense touch. So, stroke away!

5. Full Moon Babies, aooowooooooo

When the full moon hits, those babies are going to be dropping. More so, than any other time.

This one, has actually been extensively researched, however, scientists are yet to establish a link between the moon, and birth rates. Even though some medical staff may beg to differ. But there is no solid evidence that would confirm this. Full moon or not, just because you can’t see all of it, doesn’t mean it’s not actually there!

6. Chubby Hubby? You’re Having a Girl!

“If I’m gaining weight as rapidly as you are, you are to be expecting a little baby girl.”

Hungry Husband

Now, if your partner starts writing off his weight gain, by claiming it as an indicator of the baby’s gender, they’re just making excuses so they can get away with gorging on donuts behind the garden shed. It wouldn’t determine the gender of the baby. However, there are real cases where your partner can experience “sympathy pains” which may also be the cause of their weight gain. Fear not, having someone gaining weight with you means you have someone to lose it with too!

7. Eye Sty

“If you ever deny a pregnant woman, whatever she is craving, you better expect a sty in your eye!”

Progressive Poet

Now who is going about denying a pregnant woman anything? I say, this is one of those pregnancy myths you should keep alive. If you want to eat an entire roast chicken at 10:30 in the morning, then you do that. And, if anyone dares deny you that roast chicken goodness, start chanting “a sty in your eye” until they leave you be! At the end of the day, cravings are cravings and should be honored!

8. No pregnancy sex!

“No matter how much you may want it, no sex for pregnant women.”

Disapproving Grandparent

People may think it’s controversial because you may end up “causing some damage”. Sorry to disappoint some men out there, you’re not as big as you think you are! During intercourse, you wouldn’t even get past the cervix. Enjoy all the sexy time you wish ladies.

9. – Don’t Sit Down Too Fast

“If you sit down too quickly, you could snap your baby’s neck.”

Paranoid Parent

If you need to plunge into that super comfy, corner of your deliciously squishy sofa, at a rate of knots, then dive right in. As a pregnant mother, you have built your baby the most wonderfully safe little nest, that it will be just fine. The human body is safer than you think! Your baby is protected by not only the amniotic sac. But, also the amniotic fluid too. Your baby will be protected from simple acts like sitting down, so don’t worry about it too much.

10. Angry Face

Much like the ugly animal myth, it works the same for people that make you mad;

If your angry at the old man that stole your parking space at the local supermarket, remember his face, because your new born baby daughter, is going to look just like him.

Old Wive’s Tale Fanatic

I think we should just try this one to see. Go out and make people angry, take a sneaky photo, then see if you can match it to your new born when they arrive.

11. Eating for Two

Well you are now carrying another human, best start eating for two.

This unfortunately is a myth. You in fact, only need around an extra 200 calories a day. However, if you need the perfect excuse, to polish off that extra cheese sandwich, then preach to the hills that this is in fact, not a myth, and entirely true. Eat all the cheese sandwiches (just be careful of which cheese you eat)

12. No Swearing!

As an expectant mother, you must be pleasant at all times. If the mother starts using foul language, it is putting a curse on the unborn child.

Snooty Snob

This is one of those classic pregnancy myths, so if you wish to scream at the top of your lungs, all the obscenities you can muster, go wild! Also, record it, a pregnant woman cursing the world could go viral. We all need that extra pocket money, and a little giggle!

So, these are 12 of my favorite pregnancy myths. Please, if you have any more of these hilarious myths, add them in the comment section. The weirder the better please!

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