Chicco Liteway is a versatile baby stroller, which is a great option for traveling with its lightweight and compact design. It can also be a car seat carrier and a stable stroller. The price of Chicco Liteway is $99.99, it is affordable compared to other strollers on the market with a few downsides that need to improve in later versions. Let see what Chicco Liteway Baby Stroller can offer through this review.

An Ideal Stroller for Traveling

The Chicco Liteway is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver, it also can carry a baby car seat. Therefore, this is an ideal option when you travel with your baby. You can easily navigate its tight space due to its weight but isn’t great on rough surfaces. Chicco Liteway’s frame is made of aluminum, therefore it is extremely light and durable.

Another plus for traveling, Chicco Liteway can fold up really fast and easy. After checking the tutorial, you can fold it up in a matter of seconds, and with just one hand. Moreover, you can secure it with an included plastic latch, so when you carry it around, it’ll not accidentally open up on you.

A Safe and Flexible Seat

Chicco Liteway has a standard padded five-point harness to secure the baby, which is extremely safe and consistent. And the highest rated feature of this stroller is it’s able to recline the baby seat to five different levels. At the last level, the baby can lie on a flat surface and sleep easily. This will be helpful when you’re waiting at the airport or resting on the beach.

The stroller also has an adjustable footrest for older kids. This may sound great, but I’m sure by the time you need to use it, your baby would have already outgrown it! Some parents even wonder if it is for tucking blankets or catching socks that fell from their baby.

An Extendable Canopy and a Small Compartment Storage

Liteway Stroller’s Canopy is extendable with four different options. It can block a large amount of sun, however, the baby’s arm and lower body can be exposed. So we recommend applying sunscreen on them when going out.

The compartment storage can hold a small backpack or a diaper bag if the baby is seated upright. This is a big downside when your baby is reclined at all, the storage will be very small and basically unusable. There is a parent cup holder that attaches below one of the handlebars. Remember to be careful because you can lose the cup holder easily due to the small size.


Chicco Liteway Stroller rolls well on a smooth surface, it moves with minimal pushing, turns and navigates in tight spaces with ease. It’s a lifesaver when you check-in at the airport because it’s as light as a regular stroller.

It works wonders on the beach, even though the stroller’s wheels aren’t great on sand. You can park it under a parasol, pull down the canopy, recline the seat to a flat position, and then they can relax with you at the beach too! They will sleep peacefully for an hour without any problem.

Remember to not go off-road, it cannot handle rough surfaces like bumpy sidewalks, grass, or trails.


Chicco Liteway is designed with an aluminum body for lightweight and easier control. There are four wheels, two-wheels on each side; the front wheels can swivel, whilst the two at the back are static that have easy-to-reach brakes. Overall, it is a stable combination and extremely easy to navigate. The padded handlebars rest 40 inches high, which will be comfortable if you are especially tall but for others, not so much. You may want a more adjustable option in this scenario. The overall design doesn’t really stand out as beautiful or trendy but it’s not particularly ugly either. We consider its style to be chic and modern. It’s not flashy or luxurious, the stroller is able to do what you need it to do. Plus, we love how compact it is.

The Verdict

Chicco Liteway is a must-buy stroller if you travel with your baby. It is light, versatile, and is capable of doing almost everything that a regular stroller can do. Plus, the baby’s seat is fully reclined so waiting at the airport will be much easier. However, there are a few downsides like it is unable to go on a rough surface like sidewalks or trails. And we hope it will be fixed in later versions.

That’s all from us, let us know in the comments below what you think about the Chicco Liteway and whether you would recommend it to other parents!

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