So whether for holiday or summer vacation, traveling with a baby is challenging and pretty stressful. However, you can do it, it’s all about the mindset. In this article, we will discuss the whole experience of traveling with your baby and bring some tips down. Follow these tips, so you can travel with your baby much more easier.

Booking a Flight

The first thing when you travel with your baby, you want to identify, is when your baby witching hours are. They’re the hours when your baby is fussy, tired, and whining a lot. You should not book a flight in those hours, because that will not be easy for you.

We recommend booking an early morning flight or a late one. That will be a great opportunity for your baby to sleep the entire flight. Upon buying tickets, you will want to determine how you want to travel. Do you want to hold the baby through the entire flight or buying a separate ticket so that you can put a car seat and the baby in that separate seat? And after you buy the seat, you should call the airline and make sure the baby is on your reservation, especially if you don’t buy a separate seat.

Your baby will need some sort of identifications and if you fly international, they will need a passport. So you should get all the identification documents in place beforehand.

Checking In the Airport and Getting Through Security

When you check in the airport, you should make everything as simple as possible. All baby gear and things, like strollers or car seats, travel freely so you don’t have to pay for any of those. If you check in a stroller, you should choose a small, light, and easily foldable one for easier travel. Chico Liteway or Pockit Stroller should be the way to go, they are super lightweight and fold down to good size. Also, your car seat has to be TSA compliant, that it’s suitable to be strapped into an airplane seat.

We recommend wearing the baby at the front to get more hands for carrying and doing other stuff. After you check-in, you will have to make your way over the security line and TSA security checkpoint, this is probably the most stressful part. Another way is doing a TSA pre-check, it’s very helpful especially when you travel with a baby. You don’t have to take your shoes off, 3-1-1 compliant liquids or laptops, you can just walk right through. And it costs only $85 membership for 5 years.

The whole flight itself is entirely a mental game, the baby might cry or chill. It’s all about how you perceive, react and keep mentally sound, that’s what will get you through the flight.

What to Do on a Flight with Your Baby

So you are on the flight, walking down the aisle, you might get some compliments, or you might get some stares, regardless just forget it, lock it from your mind. You need to go ahead and find your seats, if you have a car seat, install it.

On take-off or descent, you will want your baby to drink, try to give them a bottle or feed them. If they’re sleeping, just let them sleep, especially when the plane is in descent. Picking your seats is really important for your flight strategy, the important part is keeping your baby entertained or giving them something new to look at. Because sitting for a long period of time can drain your energy.


Sometimes, deplaning can take a long time, so you might need to consider to choose seats near the middle or the back. Because sometimes if your seats are at the gate, it might take forever for people to get off the plane. Moreover, if you want to fly a long international flight, you should learn about jetlag and how to deal with it. Now you can travel with your baby, good luck!

That’s all from us, if you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comments below and show more tips if we miss them. Have a safe flight! Thank you.

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