Let’s get one thing clear, babies in rompers are too dang cute. There are many baby romper outfits to choose from, and they are all extremely cute. However, a romper is not necessarily the most convenient item of clothing for all occasions. This short guide will give you an insight into the different designs of baby romper outfits in the market. We will also sum up the best time to dress your little one in a fun romper, and of course what shoes are a perfect match for rompers. 

Types of Rompers


A baby romper is widely used out there since it makes diaper changing much easier. The main difference between rompers and onesies is that the latter covers the baby more. We will mention 3 main types of Baby Rompers Outfits.

  • Hooded Rompers: These are parents’ favorites when it comes to wintertime. Your baby will feel comfortable, and warm. If you buy a hooded romper that has a half-body zipper, it’s best to keep it for older babies that need fewer diaper changes. If you have a newborn, the best type is the rompers with pegs, magnets, or zippers that run all the way from the top down to the foot. This way you can change your little one’s diaper without having to take off the whole item of clothing.
  • Long Pants no sleeves: This style has become popular in recent years. It is recommended for babies between 12 to 18 months. You can pair them up with a thin t-shirt or let the baby wear them without anything under. 
  • Collar and Belt rompers: There are two main kinds of collar and belt rompers. Long and short-sleeved ones. Baby girls look adorable in this kind of clothes. This baby romper outfit usually has no pants, and the collar is usually full of lace or knitted. The belt is most likely a lovely ribbon to match your lovely baby.

Bonus tip: While shopping for baby rompers, make sure you prioritize comfort above all. In fact, consider picking up soft organic cotton rompers that are safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

Best Occasion to Dress your Baby in a Romper

You can technically put your baby in a romper anytime and every time. However, there are specific times when it will come in handy. Sleeping time is Romper time. Your baby will love sleeping snuggled inside their warm fuzzy romper. Some outdoor activities like visiting family, or going to the park could make rompers a great outfit to keep them fresh and looking cute, without overdressing your little ones.

Best Type of Shoes to Match a Romper

There are three kinds of shoes that look the best in a baby romper outfit.

  • Sandals. Baby sandals look great on both girls and boys and they are great for the summer if worn without socks.
  • Boots. This kind of shoe is perfect for winter as it covers all of your baby’s feet.
  • Dress shoes. If you get a fancy baby romper outfit for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or baptisms, you can match baby rompers with a pair of dress shoes.
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